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Green tea hills mingle with the magnificent lake nearby in Pleiku

Green tea hills mingle with the magnificent lake nearby in Pleiku

Pleiku is a city in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and the capital of the province Gia Lai. When it comes to Peiku, people always remind to the beauty of immense Sea Lake there (Bien Ho)
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Coming to Co Thach

The south-central coast province of Binh Thuan is known for its stunning beaches. However, the location is also a popular destination for pilgrimages to Co Thach, a unique pagoda located on a rock cliff overlooking the immense sea below.
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Being lured by live music on Hanoi old quarter streets at night

It has been a month since six walking streets belonging to Hanoi Old Quarter were opened. On every weekend, this area in Old Quarter is always crowded and becomes nosier and far more attractive than ever at night with a plenty of free –performance music bands.
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Speechless with a suspended mirror on mountain - Nui Coc lake

Nui Coc Lake, which was created from a dam built in Cong river in Dai Tu district, northern Thai Nguyen province, in Northern Vietnam, is well-known for its spectacular and legendary beauty and the romantic love story of a young couple
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Top interesting places for travel this november

This beautiful weather with slight wind in the late autumn still attracts people to travel around Vietnam. It’s also the most ideal time for travelers who love natural beauty and are keen on seeing the transform of plants and flowers when season is beginning to change. A bit cold this time but it doesn’t make travelers hesitate for a trip, does it?
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